Sun September 6, 2020 7:48 pm

Forget Media, Forget Twitter Trends. Here's what happened during Covid-19 outbreak in India 🇮🇳

1. 95-year-old Pi Nghakliani from Mizoram, not only donated her monthly pension to the CM fund but also stitched masks herself for the people.

2. The administration of Subarnapur district in Odisha proactively reached out to the migrants and provided them with bathing soaps, detergent powder and hair oil, toothbrush and paste and mosquito coils etc.

3. Reshma Mohandas, a nurse from Kerala got affected with covid-19 while treating an elderly couple. Immediately after recovery, she requested the government to allow her to work and serve the people

4. Ayaz Faquih and Purushottamlal Gupta, two auto drivers from Maharashtra offered free rides and delivered ration supplies to people who needed it.

5. Rajendra Chandorkar, a doctor in Alibaug went beyond his call of duty and rushed a new-born baby to the hospital on his bike and saved the kids life.

6. Labourers quarantined in a government school in Rajasthan painted the school during their stay as a token of gratitude

These are probably 0.1 percent of what's happening in India. There are many more that can be added to this list. We have faced difficult situations in the past and we may in the future too. If there is anything we have learnt from the past, it is simple... Together, we are stronger 💪

Do share the stories you know. Let's do this India ❤️. We will win.

    © Fawaz Jaleel 2020

    © Fawaz Jaleel 2020