Mon September 14, 2020 2:41 am

The Common Indian who respected a Fellow Indian’s Culture: The Legend of Akash!

Do you think India is INTOLERANT? This is MY Story..

I scheduled an AC servicing for 8 am tomorrow morning. A technician was assigned for the same. Around 8:30 pm, I got a call from Mr Akash, the technician. He had probably seen the name ‘Fawaz Jaleel’ as the client. He called me and said

“Sirji. I am free at 8 but since you might be fasting and might be required to wake up early in the morning for ‘sehri’. In that case, I can come little later also in case you want to sleep further”

Me: Are you not free at 8?

Him: “No no. Morning is better for me but I just thought I ll check if you want to rest further because of Ramzan”

He didn’t need to do that but he chose to. He and I are the aam junta of this nation. For us, this is a lovely nation that respects one another. This isn’t TOLERANCE but TOGETHERNESS that India stands for ❤️

    © Fawaz Jaleel 2020

    © Fawaz Jaleel 2020