Short Stories

Nobody Likes An Outsider

Two gruesome murders and a case connected to the modern political history of India. Can Yohan Tytler and team crack the unguessable motive behind Ashraf Zain’s murder

The Legend of Birbal’s Bull

Many years ago Raja Birbal used bull milk to cure King Akbar's illness. 500 years later, the ancestor of the bull that saved King Akbar's life needs some help. Will King Akbar return the favour?

From The Land Of Palaces

A powerful emotion united a young couple. Another duty-bound emotion drove them to a difficult territory. One of them identified a third emotion that changed the lives of thousands of people.

Inspiring Indians

What happens when you behave extraordinarily in an ordinary situation? MAGIC Happens ! The author, Fawaz Jaleel steps out for chai and returns with 10 heartwarming micro-stories from the streets of In

    © Fawaz Jaleel 2020

    © Fawaz Jaleel 2020