Nobody Likes An Outsider

“We’ll choose the Constitution over the Quran, Bible and Gita. Into that heaven, let my country awake”

Ashraf Zain, an outsider who broke into Bihar politics after parting ways with the Bharatiya National Congress (BNC) is killed in a road accident near the Barauni oil refinery in Begusarai. BNC blamed the ruling party SDP for the death of a 'minority' leader while SDP accused BNC for extracting revenge on Ashraf.
Enter Yohan Tytler, the recently promoted senior CBI inspector and his colleagues, the analytical Sukumar Azhagu and the textbook investigator, Ila Qureshi. Before the team reaches Begusarai to start the investigation, Ashraf’s PA Piyali Sharma is found dead in a hotel room in the city.
Suddenly, Yohan and team are thrown into a quagmire consisting of multiple political parties, intellectual mafias, media pressure, religious leaders, increasing suspects, and other powerful people.
The young CBI team manoeuvres through the case facts, only to find that Ashraf's death is linked to major events in the modern history of Begusarai, Bihar and India.
In what shocks the entire nation, the underlying motive behind the actual motive reveals a lesser-spoken about reality in India.

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    © Fawaz Jaleel 2020

    © Fawaz Jaleel 2020